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SEO for car dealers

Helping dealers own page one of the Search Engine Results page

Higher traffic. More conversions. Repeat

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the technical speciality of analysing and optimising a website in order to gain better rankings in search engines. You can have the best-looking website with more functionality than any of your competitors, but if you lack SEO best practices (and great content marketing), your dealership will never be found online.

With over a decade of working with online marketing and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of SEO (the goalposts keep moving), we’ve been able to take brand new and existing websites up the rankings to increase traffic and conversions significantly.

A joke in the SEO industry is ‘if you want to hide something, put it on page two of the search results, since no one looks there’. It’s as true as it is funny. Users expect that the best result for their search query is on page one. The more results your business has on the first page, the more traffic your website will receive and, ultimately, the more conversions you’ll get.

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Strategic SEO built for the automotive industry


The first step to putting your website in pole position is to analyse how good it is currently. We have specialist tools to look at the technical side and a wealth of knowledge and experience within our team for the content side.


We then look at the big wins first. Issues like 404s, low quality backlinks and problems with your sitemap, we fix immediately. We then dig deeper and give your website a thorough health check.


With the technical fixes done, it’s time to look at content. Gone are the days when search results were based purely on keywords. We start by looking at your page titles, meta and overall content marketing strategy.


Effective SEO takes time and search engine requirements are always changing. To keep at the top of the rankings, we recommend making SEO an ongoing part of your overall marketing strategy.

Heard of Google Rank Brain? The future is AI

If you’ve been told to include lots of keywords, have links to all the main pages of your site in the footer and not to worry about word count, the person giving you this advice isn’t aware of the future of search engines.

Search engines used to focus purely on ranking factors such as keywords and backlinks, but that’s ancient history today. The future of search is all about user intent. Google Rank Brain is artificial intelligence at its finest, looking for signals that a website is answering a user’s query and helping them find what they need.

SEO is now much more user-focused, with the aim of making a website work better for the user. It’s a totally different approach; it gets results and it’s one that we’ve been using with great success. The future of search is only going to become more AI-orientated, so now’s the time to think beyond today.

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Get an MOT for your website

If your website is your online showroom, SEO comprises the map, roads, pavement and subways for your customers to get to you. Digital marketing such as CPC works great, but you shouldn’t be relying on paid search for the majority of your traffic.

Our SEO team can bring your website up the rankings and ahead of your competition, making your dealership easier to find for existing and new customers.

Organic traffic

If you’re paying for most of your web traffic through channels like AdWords, you’re doing it wrong. After investing in a website, the majority of your traffic should be free. If it’s not, we can help.

More traffic

The higher your site ranks for more relevant phrases, the more traffic it will get, resulting in more conversions. That makes a lot of sense, because the best results are easier to find and it’s what your customers expect.

Higher dwell times

Content matters. The worst thing for your business is for a user to land on your site, only to bounce straight off again. This could be for many reasons, but it’s never going to be because your content is too good. A strategic, high-quality content plan means your customers will spend more time on your pages, resulting in more conversions.

Higher rankings

If users are finding exactly what they’re looking for on your website, and spending quite some time on a single page or multiple pages, this sends signals to search engines that your website is high quality, and so it moves further up the rankings.

Why you should work with Kee


We’ve been working in digital marketing for over a decade. In that time, we’ve seen many changes in what’s required for successful SEO and we’ve adapted to them all.


We have the tools and the skills needed to audit and optimise your website, and with our knowledgeable team, we can keep you updated every step of the way.


Once we have everything we need from you, we’re good to go. You can let us get on with what we do best and show you the results as soon as we start to see improvements.

Brands we know & work with

We work with a large range of brands. Some are big, some are even bigger.

Overtake your competition with strategic SEO

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