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30 Apr 2020

Email Marketing for Car Dealerships

7 reasons your Car Dealership needs Email Marketing

Harness the potential of an email marketing campaign…

Effective email marketing is simply the most powerful and cost-effective way to reach out to customers and boost sales.

It’s big. And it’s going to get bigger.

In this post, we’re going to show you how we use email marketing to increase business for car dealers. And why you should be using it too.

The Covid-19 situation is the biggest Public Health and economic crisis that most people have experienced. The immediate effects will change the way we live and do business now and in the near future. Communicating with customers with constructive, relevant and reassuring messages is the best way to prepare for the next steps.

And email is the ultimate online communication channel.

Does your car dealership have a Digital Marketing Strategy?

If you have a website, you do online advertising and are present on Social Media, then email is the key to your digital strategy success.

Here’s why:

1. Email is ultra-effective at bringing your online marketing together

Three examples:

Cars to sell? Send an email with a link to a relevant model or offer page on your website. You’ll be able to analyse the open and click rates and target paid search ads. Build a profile of a user’s interests to personalise content for high converting future emails.

Drive traffic to your blog? Share it by email.

Building customer relationships? Send a newsletter with shareable dealership events, features, information or advice.

It’s easy to see how email marketing is the cement that bonds your strategy together. It has the potential to optimise your online investment.

And talking of budgets…

2. Unbeatable ROI

Email is the undisputed leader of cost-efficient marketing. Here are the numbers:

  • 66% conversion rate – way better than social media marketing or website pages (DMA)
  • 40 times more effective than Social Media in reaching new customers (McKinsey)
  • Twice as effective as search engine traffic (Monetate)
  • On average, get £44 back for every £1 spent (Campaign Monitor)

3. Email is your customer’s preferred means of contact

Digital Natives have been brought up using online communication. It’s a generational thing. The traditional ways customers access information and make car buying choices are changing.

58% of Millennials state email as their preferred way for companies to contact them (Kagool)

86% of customers wish to receive monthly promotional emails (Marketing Sherpa)

The number of people physically coming into your dealership will decline. The future of building relationships and maintaining regular communication is digital. Email is the safe, trusted and reassuring way of keeping in touch with your customers and nurturing prospects.

4. Use email to get up close and personal…

Emails are good. But personalised emails are better. We’re not just talking about using your customer’s name – although that’s a good start.

Strategically filter for brand preference, dealership location, vehicle category or even specific model interest. Optimise your emails for mobile devices. Then you’ll be able to send relevant and tailor-made content that your customers want to read.

And for even more impact, send your customers emails when they’re most likely to read them…

5. High email open rates = maximum impact

We’ve seen that email reaches out to customers better and deeper than any other online channel thanks to personalised content.

But if you automate and send your mailouts at the right time, you’ll get a 50% increase in open rates. (Yes Lifecycle Marketing)

Wondering what an open rate is? Here’s a quick guide to email stats:

  • Open rate – the percentage of emails in your campaign that actually get opened.
  • Click through rate – the percentage of recipients that click at least once on your email having opened it.
  • Click to open rate – a more in-depth indicator from the number of unique clicks divided by the number of unique opens. Essentially this measures the effectiveness of the email content.
  • Unsubscribe rate – the number of subscriber opt-outs from your campaign.
  • Bounce rate – the percentage of emails that don’t get into the receiver’s inbox and bounce right back to the sender.

The headline figures most dealers are interested in are the open rate and the click through rate. How many people read the mail and how many clicked on a part of it to make an enquiry or get to the website.

From your website analytics, you’ll be able to see the website conversions from email generated traffic.

So here’s our sales pitch:

In the UK Automotive industry, the average email campaign open rate is 11.8% with a 1% click through rate. (Campaign Monitor)

Our dealer email campaigns have an average open rate of 28.94% with an average click through rate of 28.48%%. Impressive as far as email marketing results go. And that’s for non-targeted weekly emails. Personalised and well-timed sales offers can reach rates above 60%.

And more clicks generate more enquiries.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to show you how a tailored email campaign strategy can work for your business.

6. Track your campaign in real-time

Tracking the customer journey is a real advantage of email marketing. In fact, it beats other digital channels hands down.

Follow the trail of page views, from links to calls-to-action, and see what your customers are clicking on. You’ll know which car models and offers are hitting the mark.

And all in real-time.

7. Analyse your email results

You’ve seen the benefits of custom made email content. But what may work in one area of the country, or with one brand may not necessarily work for another.

Unlike other types of digital marketing, emails allow you to gather data and insights about what makes your subscribers click or not click – both on the email and on your website.

Which kind of subject line works best? You’ll know.

What are the optimal colours, layout and call to action? You’ll find out.

Fortunately, with the right tools and well, OK quite a bit of experience, we can test the effectiveness of an email campaign.

And being results-driven like, we can maximise the impact of every email by fine-tuning the content and presentation.

Powerful marketing, right?

In fact, for the automotive business, we’d say it’s essential.

And that’s why emails are our number one service.

Specialist automotive email marketing

At Kee, you could have your own pay per campaign up and running tomorrow.

We’ll work with you to create your campaign from A to Z. No long contracts, no set-up fees or extra charges.

Need help building your mailing list? We can help with that too.

And as an exclusively automotive marketing agency, we can also help you develop and implement your Digital Strategy.

Find out about our integrated marketing solutions including Website creation, SEO, PPC, online content and subscriber list building.

And talking of email subscribers, let us keep you up to date with the latest digital marketing news and insights by clicking here.

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