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23 May 2017

Why Google Business matters

We get it. There’s so much digital marketing car dealers already have to take care of, what with the website, social media, email marketing and more. But spare a bit of time for your Google Business listing and the results could be huge.

Why Google Business Matters

When searching for a business, you may notice a box to the right with a map, details of the business and perhaps even some photos and reviews. This is a Google Business listing and it’s far more important than you might even realise. It’s not just Google’s regular keyword search it appears in either, but also Google Maps, and it tells the user everything they need to know about your business.

Google Business listings are sometimes set up automatically by Google themselves based on the information they hold. So if you don’t think you’ve ever set one up but you can see yourself listed, that’s why. We’d recommend setting up your own to have full control, however, as Google might not get it right first time.

But what are Google Business listings? They’re there to give the user all the information they might need without having to visit your website and find it. It’s like an overview for the user of:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Where you’re located
  • When you’re open
  • How to get in contact
  • What other customers think of you

This in turn strengthens local search, making it easier for those in your surrounding area, or those searching your location, to find you. It’s also great from a business perspective as it looks and feels authoritative when a Google Business listing appears as it shows the user they have found that business.

Reviews, reviews, reviews!

Reviews are key to not only recommending potential customers to come and buy from you rather than your competitors but also for SEO. Search engines are becoming smarter, so when a user searches ‘best Audi dealership London’, Google isn’t going to show businesses with a one- or two-star overall rating.

Having a decent amount of reviews, ideally regularly and recent, shows users up-to-date opinions on how your business is doing. A stale Google Business listing with only two reviews from three years ago looks neglected and won’t give a positive outlook on your business.

Never ever create fake reviews.

Equally, a business with 2,000 five-star reviews will look highly suspect. Fake reviews are not only immoral but can land you with penalties and public embarrassment. The last thing you want is customers googling the people from these five-star reviews only to find it’s the sales manager reviewing his own dealership!

There have been instances of this happening, so never pay companies who promise to ‘farm’ reviews and never let your team leave any form of review themselves. It’s just not worth it.

Instead, simply ask customers to leave a review. They’ll need a Gmail email address, so not all customers will be able to do this, but many will happily leave a quick sentence about the service they received.

Advantages of Google Business

There really are no disadvantages to Google Business apart from the time it takes to create a highly polished listing. Even if you were to delete your listing, Google is likely to recreate one for you anyway, so you might as well put in the time to make yours correct. The rewards are definitely worth it!

It makes you look credible

A Google Business listing is expected by customers. Imagine if your competition has a perfect Google Business listing with photos, reviews and even an interior tour and yours doesn’t; it makes them look far more credible than you. Having a high-quality logo, up-to-date opening times and contact information gives your business a credible look as well as helping ensure customers can find you.

Just remember to update your opening times around public holidays! The last thing you want is someone turning up as they saw you were open when actually you’re closed.

Increases visibility

You’d be surprised just how many users see your Google Business listing. This in itself is fantastic for awareness, especially locally for those in your surrounding area looking for retailers that sell the products and services you offer!

Your Google Business listing will show up not only in the Google search results page but also on Google Maps. If a user is looking for the dealerships closest to them or within a certain area, your marker will show up on the map and, when clicked, your Google Business listing will show.

Gives you insight into views

As with all Google products, like AdWords, Google Business can be plugged into your Analytics account. This can then give you an additional insight as to where your traffic is coming from and how users are finding you. Are users clicking on your business listing rather than your blue link on the Google results page? Are a large proportion of users finding you through Google Maps? What are these users then doing when they visit your site? All these questions can be answered.

Top Tips for setting up Google Business

Setting up or editing your Google Business listing is easy, and as you can see, highly worth the effort. Do these five things and your listing will be starting to work for you.

  1. Check your info is correct
    Are your opening times right? Is that still your address?
  2. Add photos
    It doesn’t have to be many, but a few high-quality interior and exterior shots (to help customers recognise you) really add to your listing.
  3. Encourage reviews
    Let customers know you’d really appreciate a five-star review on your Google Business listing.
  4. Add an interior tour
    That finishing touch to a Google Business listing; specialist companies can create virtual tours for customers to walk around the showroom from their computer. It’s a nice touch and really shows off what you have to offer.
  5. Keep it up to date
    It’s easy to forget to change your Google Business listing if your opening hours or phone number changes. So be sure to remember to update Google Business too!

Want us to do it for you?

We’ve perfected the art of a perfect Google Business listing! If you’d like us to take a look at yours, or would prefer us to set one up for you, send us an email and we’d be happy to help.

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