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Paid search

Make every click count and reduce cost of conversions

Turning pennies per click into profits

Paid search, using tools like Google AdWords, Bing Ads or even Facebook Ads, is a fantastic way to get your business out in front of the people most likely to click and convert.

If you have a product you need to push, you want to secure that all-important, top-paid spot on the search engine results page, or you just need some extra traffic, our team of paid-search experts can get you the results you need at a surprisingly low cost.

Paid search shouldn’t cost a fortune, but it should generate new visitors and result in more, higher-quality leads. We’re experts when it comes to the technical know-how of paid search and getting the most from your budget, while keeping you ahead of your competition.

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Strategic SEO built for the automotive industry


First, we look at search volumes and the data behind what it is you want to target, whether it be a specific keyword, location or audience.


We then create engaging adverts for search, display or both. Our team of copywriters and designers are all specialists in creating compelling, clickable ads.


Once your ad has been running long enough, our team revisits it to refine it further to increase traffic and quality, as well as to reduce any unwanted clicks.


The same processes apply for every advert we run. It’s an on-going strategy and one that’s yielded fantastic results for our clients.

Conversions that cost less

In 2017, our average cost per click (CPC) was £0.34. This generated a total of 4,696 conversions, costing an average of £5.35 each.

Budgets don’t have to be big when it comes to paid search. We can get the most out of any budget, focusing it on improving your website’s traffic to lead to more high-quality conversions.

If you’re currently spending a significant amount of your marketing budget on paid search, but not seeing the results you would expect (or are curious as to how your current results would compare with ours), get it touch for a free, paid-search audit.

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Paid search is the ultimate promotional tool

Whether you want to be at the top of the search results for a keyword or a specific location, or you want to put yourself in front of existing customers you have data for, paid search is the ultimate tool.

When combined with your other marketing strategies, paid search can result in a valuable boost for your business, both in the short term and the long term.

High-quality conversions

With our expertise, every penny spent will be put to good use. The result? Higher-quality conversions from customers that saw your advert at the right time and place in their search.

Ahead of competitors

While effective SEO takes time, paid search is instant. If you need to get ahead of your competitors today, a well-designed, paid-search campaign is just what you need to put yourself ahead of the competition.

Target existing customers

Facebook ads are incredibly powerful, especially when you want to target individuals. Whether you have an audience in mind or want to target a new location or demographic, our team has the expertise to get it done.


Remarketing can be the ideal strategy to reduce lost leads. Give your customers another chance, if they visited, but didn’t convert. Learn what these customers are looking for and then put your business in front of them again.

Why you should work with Kee


Every year, we take exams from Google and Bing to ensure we stay accredited and that we are up to date with the latest best practices.


We’ve been using paid search as a part of our campaigns for over a decade and were one of the first in the automotive industry to use Facebook ads.

Automotive only

Since we specialise in the automotive industry, our background knowledge of trends in user search gives us the advantage when it comes to high-performing, paid ads.

Brands we know & work with

We work with a large range of brands. Some are big, some are even bigger.

Prepare for pole position with Kee paid ads

Request a free paid-ads audit or get in touch to find out more.

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