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21 Nov 2018

What Makes us Click?

It’s no secret that we spend hours and hours of our time scrolling through our smartphones… But what makes us stop and click?!

What Makes us Click

Here’s our guide to creating a clickable social media post…

The headline

Capture the audience with your first, or perhaps only, sentence. This could be in the form of a question; create the illusion of direct conversation and ask the consumer ‘what do YOU think or want?’. It is important for consumers, as individuals, to feel as though they still have a voice which will be heard and valued, making them more likely to engage if their input matters.

Alternatively, create urgency in your opening line; explain how the reader can benefit and how they don’t want to miss out. Sparking curiosity or creating suspense can also be effective in holding someone’s attention and encouraging them to act.

Tell not sell

Try not to scream offers from the rooftop and shout prices through a megaphone. Offer details can be important, but consider opening with an interesting fact or irresistible feature of what you are selling.

Visual content

Some people argue that the visual content used on social media is more significant than any text. We think that a combination of both is your best bet, but the importance of the visual essence of your post should definitely not be underestimated. With the rise of the Instagram age, what grabs the eye on social media can be critical in securing the attention of a potential consumer.

Varied images can hold people’s interest; offer something unique and eye-catching – original content which has never seen before. Communicating the message of your post through the image can also help in capturing a person’s attention before they even read the post. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Videos are also powerful in gaining someone’s attention for a longer period of time, allowing more time for them to consider engaging with you, rather than just scrolling past.

Call to action

After you’ve successfully drawn them in with your hot headline and imaginative imagery, make sure to clearly direct the user on what to do next. Whether this is to ‘Find out more’ or ‘Purchase here’, this one simple click supplies the instant gratification that most consumers are after!

Keep it brief

In this age of instant gratification powered by technology, consumers and readers have a much shorter attention span. In a world where there is usually a shortcut, why would we take the long route?

With this in mind, keep your social media posts short and sweet. Although attention spans are shorter, expectations are higher. So it is crucial to prioritise quality over quantity – ensure every sentence is of high quality and total relevance. Avoid any aimless waffle!


We hope this helps you capture those clickers!

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