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11 Dec 2018

The Anatomy of a Great Email Campaign

‘Tis the season for email marketing, so here’s how to do it right

A great email campaign can be a great marketing tool if it’s well executed, but that’s not always the case. I’m sure all of us have, at some point, ignored an email we signed up to receive? After all, in this day and age we’re often bombarded with information and too often nothing stands out.

This is our guide on how to make your email grab attention and not blend into the thousands of unread marketing emails sitting in your customers’ inboxes.

Consider your subject line

Your subject line is your email’s first impression so you’d better make it a good one! 69% of email recipients will report an email as spam based on the subject line alone, so it’s a vitally important area to pay attention to.

Keep it short, sweet and succinct, use actionable language where possible, and give your audience a reason to click. The last thing you want is to be ignored, so be creative and give them a good reason to open your email first.

Don’t go crazy with the imagery

Although glossy images are visually compelling and a great sales tool, when it comes to marketing you’ll want to avoid heavy use of large images. This is because not all inboxes will load them, and the last thing you want is recipients to be greeted by blank white space. It’s important not to rely on images alone to sell your product or convey your message.

Make sure any critical information isn’t trapped in an image, and make sure you always use ‘alt text’ behind your images so that copy still appears even if the images don’t load. Having said that; don’t avoid imagery completely! A striking visual can make all the difference to how much the recipient reads; just be sure to carefully consider the file size and messaging to ensure you’re not held back by slow-loading imagery.

Think about how it will display on mobile

59% of our keemails are viewed on mobile devices, and that’s more than half of our recipients! This proportion only reinforces the fact that marketing emails should always be mobile friendly or they severely risk turning customers off.

To be as mobile friendly as possible, try to keep your image sizes down, use an appropriate font size, and make sure your email looks as good on a mobile as it does on your computer screen.

Don’t forget the font size

You must be thinking ‘You’re just repeating yourself now,’ but there’s more to choosing a font size than just making it mobile friendly.

Although more than 50% will open your email on a mobile, almost the same number will be using a computer. Make sure that tiny type that looks great on your phone is just as legible on other devices too.

Keep copy light

Of course, you email has to contain copy, but how much? You don’t want to overwhelm recipients with pages and pages of text, but you do want to get your message across.

Use shorter blocks of text that link back to full articles or product pages on your website. This way your email generates web traffic in addition to providing information to your customers.

Make links look like links…

If you want your customers to click you need to make it obvious. You don’t only want your links to look like links, but for them to stand out too. The standard styling is formatted in a bold, blue font and underlined, but you can change this to match your corporate identity and styling.

And use plenty of them

You want your audience to take action off the back of your email. After all, that’s why you sent it in the first place; right? If that’s the case then you need to make sure they have plenty of places to go and actions to take. Include plenty of opportunities to click, from text links to images and icons, and you also want to lead your audience to further information so make the pathway easy to find with plenty of routes to the destination.

Keep it simple

If in doubt, keep it simple. Consider what you want to achieve from your email and whether your design aligns with your goal. If it doesn’t, there’s certainly no harm in making improvements. What is marketing if it’s not one big learning process?

Or let us do it all for you

If this all seems like a bit too much like hard work you needn’t worry. Here at Kee we’re experts at building effective email campaigns, so why not contact us today using the form below and see how we can help you?

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