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14 Mar 2018

Welcome to the new Kee website

After 10 years of designing beautiful websites for some of the biggest names in the automotive industry, we felt it was time to show ourselves some love. Welcome to the brand-new Kee website!

New Kee Website

Take a look at our new digital digs! Since our announcement that we’re opening our doors to the automotive industry after 10 years of working with some big names on some big projects, we felt that if folks were going to be googling us, we should make sure we have somewhere nice for them to visit.

Introducing the new Kee.co website! We hope you like it (we certainly do!), but since we’re all perfectionists, you will no doubt see one or two ‘evolutionary’ changes over the coming months. This is natural as we tweak fonts and colours and generally make it feel like home.

They say the best thing about designing for yourself is ‘you can do whatever you want’.
They also say the most difficult thing about designing for yourself is ‘you can do whatever you want’. It was the ultimate challenge for our designers and developers because we could literally do anything we wanted, so the hardest thing was making sure there was some constraint.

But here we are! A 100% custom design with a template coded from scratch. A little parallax animation here and there. Fully mobile responsive, of course. We have ourselves a splendid home page with interactivity when you’re on desktop, lots of versatile product pages and, of course, our blog.

If you think this is cool, wait until you see our other work

It’s true, we love our new website, but really it’s our client sites that we’re most proud of. Designing our own site really had no physical or logistical constraints; we simply gave our designers and developers some coffee and bakery goods and the creativity just flowed. The rest of the team added their input and the whole thing came together organically and quickly.

Our client sites, however, provide more of a mental challenge, which we all really enjoy. We have guidelines we must stick to, deadlines we can’t miss, content to plan, write and build and tests after tests after tests to make sure everything is going to work for everyone.

So while we welcome you to our brand-new website and invite you to look around, it’s our other work we’d really like you to take a look at so you can see what we can offer.

Or you can stay here in the Kee blog and get a feel for what we’re about as an agency from a more personal side! It’s up to you, but whatever you do we’d love it if you dropped us an email, whether it’s to ask us about how we can help or just to say ‘Hi!’.

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