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23 May 2017

New Manufacturer Approved Design for Brayley Honda

A backlink from a manufacturer site is tricky to get but definitely not impossible, especially when you’ve just redesigned your website to match perfectly with updated guidelines. That’s exactly what we’ve done for Brayley Honda.

New Brayley Honda Website

A backlink from a manufacturer is worth its weight in gold (and its weight in authority). Getting links from trusted sources like a brand make it clear to Google that your own website is trustworthy, which in turn is one of the many factors that help improve your rankings in the SERP.

With Honda UK turning off all the dealer sites it provides and instead offering a backlink to those that meet their stringent guidelines, it was a perfect opportunity for us to give Brayley Honda a refresh as well as get that all-important link juice from Honda.co.uk.

At Kee, we always follow brand guidelines to the pixel, and since we never use templates, it’s why our websites all look unique. Brayley’s new Honda site was no exception as our designers and developers did their thing to make this another brand-friendly website.

So why were Honda UK turning off their dealer sites? To reduce confusion and competition. This means that the only sites you will find are either Honda.co.uk or the dealer’s own group site and not an additional ‘dealer site’. It all makes sense, but in order to get that important backlink, Honda told us that our design must meet their CI exactly. Challenge accepted!

New Brayley Honda Website Mobile

A brand-new brand-friendly website

It’s probably better you take a look at their new website than we explain it to you! But as it happens, like all our client sites, it not only meets the brand guidelines but still has a feel that is unique to Brayleys as a brand. The idea here is not to copy the brand exactly but only the elements they use to create their CI – the fonts, colours, sizing and spacing. Having met those criteria, the layout and the way we display the design is up to us.

As always, the design is completely mobile friendly and offers a lot of flexibility for our content team. We have multiple elements that can be used and reused across the site, such as listing boxes and internal call-to-action buttons that can help make special pages that extra bit special.

The home page is the biggest obvious difference from Honda UK – we’ve opted for a more traditional horizontal slider which allows Brayleys to advertise multiple products in a linear space, whereas Honda UK have gone with a longer, single-page approach. This decision was mainly due to the needs of Brayleys from a dealership point of view, whereas Honda UK as a brand can afford to worry less about selling and more about showing off the products to their fullest.

New Brayley Honda Website Tablet

Fancy a site as good-looking as this one?

Brayley’s new Honda design is nothing out of the ordinary here at Kee. Every site we build follows brand guidelines to the pixel, meaning the end result is a high-quality, trustworthy site that doesn’t follow any standard templates. This helps your website stand out from the competition and do what you need it to do from a business perspective.

We’ve found over our 10+ years working in automotive marketing that every dealer has different needs which need to be reflected in their website. That’s why every website we design is bespoke and looks as good as it works.

So if you fancy an upgrade, let us handle it! Email us today.

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