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30 May 2017

How email marketing can help car dealers make more sales

Email marketing is one of our most versatile services for car dealers and one of our most popular, too. It’s a quick way to help reach those sales targets, promote new products or events, and all the while seeing the results instantly. Here’s how car dealers can use email marketing to increase sales.

Email Marketing Boost Sales

If there’s one service that our clients are always asking us for, it’s email marketing. For the automotive industry, email marketing is truly underused, especially when compared with other sectors. Email marketing is highly versatile, allowing you to promote almost anything while being able to track exactly how your customers respond to that email, often with instant results.

Unlike a billboard or a newspaper advert that can be hard to measure, email marketing allows dealers to send an email and analyse what the most clicked-on link was and why. Once the user is on your website, you can then use Google Analytics to track their journey, ultimately to see how and where they converted.

We send emails out to around 1 million customers on behalf of our clients every year, and the types of emails we send vary hugely. If you, as a car dealer, are looking to increase sales, here’s how email marketing can help.

Boost sales at time of need

We totally understand. It’s mid quarter, you have targets to meet and sales may even be down slightly. A strategically sent email to an audience full of leads and prospects could be just what you need to book enquiries and generate more sales.

The thing is, customers won’t know about a special offer unless they’ve found it on your website or you’ve told them. The trick is to make it as easy as possible for the customer by going to their inbox at a strategic time of day, week and month with an offer that’s one click away.

This is a mix of data and strategy; but as long as your data is clean and up to date, an offer email can be built and sent within a very short time frame at times when you need more enquiries, footfall or ultimately sales.

Promote new products

Getting a customer to take a test drive these days is harder than ever, but it doesn’t have to be. By segmenting your audience into those who have shown interest in a particular model, or perhaps have the older version, and sending them an email updating them on when it’s available to order and when it’s arrived and available to test-drive, you can get those most likely to want a test drive to actually take one!

The key here is targeting; finding those interested in that model and then letting them know about a new model. We’ve had huge success with this for our clients, with many receiving pre-orders well in advance.

Keep at the forefront of your customer’s mind

Sometimes the best sales are over the longer term. A regular email letting the customer know what’s going on with your brand and your business can be ideal to keep you in your customer’s mind. The customer may not rush out and buy a car from you the next day, but by building this relationship over time, they will be used to recognising you.

Ultimately, when the customer is then in the market for a new car, your name will be firmly implanted in their thoughts and so it’s likely they’ll come back to buy from you again.

Remind customers of services and MOTs

Let’s face it, customers would prefer not to pay for services and MOTs if their cars didn’t require them. But you can make it easier for customers by reminding them when their service or MOT is due and make it even easier for them to book.

A reminder is great for anyone; we’re all busy these days, and remembering to book an MOT might not be on your customers’ to-do list. A gentle nudge from an email will remind them, and if done right, they’ll book with you as well.

Make email a part of all your campaigns

Say you’re holding a new car sale event. You’ve got a page on your website, a home page banner, social media advertising, a print ad, all the point of sale… But what about an email?

Rather than waiting for customers to find you, go to your customer and tell them about your sale event! This works best when your data is segmented and you are sending to genuine leads, but an invitation to an event makes it feel much more personal, and a reminder that the event is coming to an end can help improve footfall.

We’ll help email marketing work for you

These are just some of the examples of email marketing that we do time and time again for our clients, with huge success. Over our 10 years of working in automotive marketing, we’ve perfected the art of an email campaign and can help advise, plan and build a campaign that’s going to help drive those sales. Contact us today and we’ll create some campaigns to help you make more sales.

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