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23 May 2017

How do you handle your quarterly website updates?

It’s an important time of year: every price potentially changing, new offers to advertise. So, as a car dealer, how do you handle those all-important quarterly updates?

Car Dealers Quarterly Website Updates

The last time we counted, we update around 2,000 individual prices or offers for our clients every quarter. And that’s just the initial wave of changes, not including any updates mid-quarter and any additional or exclusive offers. Quarterly updates are important to get onto your website quickly and to promote fast to give you the best start to the quarter, so how does your team do it?

The important thing to remember is that when the 1st of the month arrives, it usually means every finance deal is technically out of date. This means if a customer sees a deal they want, it may no longer be available at that rate of interest or in that model specification. The same goes for any retail ‘on the road’ prices as we often see prices go up each quarter for most models, meaning time is of the essence.

Then there are any new models the manufacturers now have offers for, or perhaps any that have been removed. There are also the redirects to put in place and content to plan and create for the new offers, once again all needing to be done quickly.

Often overlooked are the other prices on your website; the servicing sections and Motability. Are you still offering a winter check in June, for example? What about brochures?

We’d love to hear if it’s all plain sailing or if you find it tricky, especially if you have multiple brands to deal with but a small marketing team. Of course, we’re always here to help, which is why we update websites for many different dealer groups. Here’s a little insight into what we do.

How Kee does quarterly updates

After 10 years of working in the automotive industry, and in those 10 years updating every website we work on four times a year, we’re pretty good at the way we do things. We have such a refined process that the turnaround times for quarterly updates are super fast and we’ve usually finished all the websites we look after within the first week of the quarter.

We don’t have massive teams working on the updates either! Usually one or two people per website. The rest of the team is carrying on with regular marketing activities such as designing, developing or building new websites or creating email marketing campaigns to promote new offers and get the quarter off to a good start.

It can be a stressful time for everyone involved dealer side, but here at Kee, things are plain sailing.

We gather any ‘heads-up’ materials we can first; any quarterly guides that may be released on the dealer marketing sites with information about this quarter’s main focus.

Then we check each brand’s website twice a day to see when they have updated. It’s really interesting for us since some brands are consistently quick at updating to the latest offers.

Then it’s a case of working through our refined method of updating every finance offer, every retail price, Motability deal, business deal, servicing prices, PDF brochures and then adding any new content that’s required for the quarter.

Need some help with your quarterly updates?

If your quarterly updates aren’t as smooth as ours, or you simply no longer want to do them yourself, then let us know. We’ve been helping many dealer groups with multiple brands update their websites each quarter automatically, by ourselves, each and every quarter. Input is rarely required; we know what we’re doing!

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