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Automotive social media marketing

Turning likes and shares into enquiries and sales

Creating a conversation around you

Sales start with social media. Customers are continually being influenced by content they see during their daily visits to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more. They’re interacting with brands (your competition) on a daily basis, meaning you need to be part of the conversation and drive it your way.

Social media marketing is so much more than just posting a few bits of content and hoping for some likes or shares. To do it properly requires a strategy that relates to the rest of your digital marketing efforts; it’s where your website and content marketing all align.

Using social media as a channel to shout about your latest products and services, while at the same time listening and responding to what your customers have to say, makes it the ideal platform to raise awareness of your dealership. And responding appropriately and promptly to any questions or complaints makes it perfect for retention.

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Social is more than likes and shares. It's ideal for generating leads and retention.

Why social media turns into sales


Customers respect and listen to brands they like. If they follow you, chances are they are already interested in your products. Using this influence is a powerful way to turn shares into sales.


When signing up to a social media account, users give a lot of personal information. Their use of the platform sends even more signals about the type of customer they are. We can use all this information to make your targeted campaigns even more effective.


Customers know they get quick answers on social media and that goes for having their complaints dealt with too. Luckily, social media is the perfect place to put things right, and to be seen to do so, if anything were to go wrong.

We frequently see sales journeys starting and being closed on social platforms.

We make each post pay

In 2017, our team posted for some of the largest dealer groups in the UK, leading to an average of 10% of all their web traffic coming from social media channels.

Our team was there at the very beginning of social media, when you still had to be invited to join Facebook. We were among the very first to use social media for marketing purposes in the automotive industry and we’ve been leading the way ever since.

Let us do what we do best – we can create a bespoke social media schedule for your brands, tailored around the pain points of your business, helping to create awareness and conversions. We look after the plan and the posts, as well as monitoring any feedback, passing on leads straight to you.

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All artwork is created by designers. All copy crafted by our copywriters.

How we do social

Leave it to us. If we’re already working with you on your content, website or email marketing, we’ll know your business well enough (and already have the creative) to get started on pulling together a strategy for your social media. If this is your first time with us, we’ll have a chat and get a feel for what you need, then create a strategy exclusively for your dealership.


Whether it’s more sales over the quarter or by the end of the month, awareness or web traffic, we’ll create a bespoke strategy for you.


Timing is everything. We analyse when posts perform best for your customers, because there really isn’t a ‘best time to post’ that suits everyone.


Our designers make the creative. Our copywriters write the post. Our social team then posts it and looks out for leads.


Social media is a conversation, so it’s natural to receive questions off the back of a post or tweet. Our team is on hand to answer questions when we know the answer or to prioritise more complex questions for you to answer to ensure a quick turnaround. And, of course, we’ll pass all those valuable leads straight along to your sales team.

The expected response to questions on social media is 10 minutes. Our team can handle these responses for you.

Why you should work with Kee


We were one of the first automotive marketing agencies to use social media as part of our larger strategy for our clients.


Whether creative or copy, our team are all top specialists at what they do. And we all have a deep understanding (and love) of all things automotive.


Every post is bespoke to your business. That’s because we believe every business is different and there is no ‘one post fits all’.

Brands we know & work with

We work with a large range of brands. Some are big, some are even bigger.

Isn’t it time to make social media work for you?

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