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Automotive email marketing

The single, most effective, marketing tool

We call it ‘Keemail’

A Keemail is different from a standard marketing email for many reasons. First, the strategy behind the unrivalled success of our marketing emails is the result of a decade’s worth of experience.

Second, the design is completely bespoke and created for conversions. No other email campaigns look as good as Keemail, no matter what the message or brand.

Third, Keemail works. Which is why, in 2017, we sent over 1,600 campaigns to over 1,840,000 customers. It’s our number one, selling service for a reason.

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Email is faster and more cost-effective than direct mail in every way.

Why you should be using Keemail


Remind customers their MOT is due. Connect with lost leads. Spread the word about new models. Target leads with specific offers. Whatever you want to achieve, Keemail is the flexible marketing tool that can help and it can be used across your entire business.


Keemails don’t take weeks to build. They don’t even take days. With the right brief, a campaign can be turned around and be ready to send the very next day.


As soon as a Keemail hits your customers’ inboxes, you’ll start to see conversions in real time. The result of our decade’s worth of experience is that you can be sure of high-quality enquiries exactly when you need them.

Most opens come from a mobile device, meaning you can contact customers wherever they are.

Success starts here

Open and click-through rates of 50% or sometimes higher are not uncommon with Keemail. We can work with you to create a strategy that nurtures your audience from initial enquiry to conversion.

It’s this constant contact with your customers that keeps your business at the forefront of their minds, meaning they know who to go to, as soon as they’re ready to convert.

Keemail is our single, most sought-after service, and our clients regularly send multiple campaigns every month. Conversions are almost guaranteed, so isn’t it about time you took a slice of this success?

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With a targeted audience, we often click-through rate of over 50%.

How you can use Keemail

If you have a goal in mind, our team of designers can create a bespoke email to help you achieve it. We’ve sent thousands of Keemails for dealers with none looking alike. Here are just a few ways you can use Keemail as part of your marketing strategy:

Nurture Customers

If a customer has registered their interest in one of your products or services, they are a conversion waiting to happen. Offering brief updates about a new model or service is the best way to keep them interested until they’re ready to convert.

Monthly eNews

Tell. Don’t sell. A monthly round-up of news from your dealer group, the latest model news and a small mention of some of your latest campaigns are enough to keep your audience engaged and looking out for your next Keemail.

Targeted Campaigns

For exceptional results, a targeted campaign to a specific audience is the best strategy. No more calling customers or using the manufacturer to send a DM. Be in complete control of customer contact.

Follow Up

Not heard from a lead? It’s time to follow up. Lost-leads Keemails are some of our most popular and result in winning back leads that may have turned cold.

As soon as an email lands, we can see what pages on the site customers are looking at in real-time.

Why you should work with Kee


No one else can offer the level of service you receive at Kee. As a boutique agency, you have instant access to any of our team without any additional account management fee.


Send us an email and we’ll answer instantly. We turn around campaigns just as quickly. If it’s coming to the end of the quarter and you need a boost in enquiries, we can help.


A decade of email marketing experience has led to us creating a strategy that will outperform your competition and give you access to any of your customers, at any time.

Brands we know & work with

We work with a large range of brands. Some are big, some are even bigger.

Time you started using Keemail?

If you think Keemail could be ideal for your business or would like to learn more, get in touch below.

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